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Cappadocia is very famous with cave hotels, if you really want to have a real cappadocia experience, it is a must to stay in a cave room, during your stay in cappadocia we really recommend you to stay in a cave room.

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Informations about Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

Cave rooms in Cappadocia are having very special features, and most important feature of cave rooms in Cappadocia is they are warmer in winter times and cooler in summer times so they can keep the room's temperature almost stable around 20°C, and believe or not staying in a cave room gives you a stable aura as well. Not only because you will wake up in a very good mood also the historical atmosphere will amaze you every morning in a cave room for sure.

Story of usage cave hotels in Cappadocia is actually starting by 1990s, after explosion of Tourism in Cappadocia, people were becoming aware of such a unique place in the world, they started to flow here to see Cappadocia Difference and there was a huge demand of accommodation in Cappadocia at that times but there was neither a hotel or pension in Cappadocia. Then residents of Cappadocia started to rent their extra rooms to first tourists of Cappadocia, later on these houses turned into Guest Houses, and finally some guest houses bought by some investors and turned into nice boutique Hotels in Cappadocia. Now there are plenty of Cave hotels in Cappadocia.

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